How to Send Emails in October CMS using Mailgun

1. Install plugin Drivers:

Install Drivers plugin through Composer.

2. Add Mailgun domain and API key in October CMS backend

3. Add your email address as an Authorised Recipient of your Mailgun account.

Let’s say your email address is [email protected], which will be used to receive messages submitted by visitors via contact form on your website. You need to go to Mailgun Dashboard -> Sending -> Overview, and add your email address as one of your Authorised Recipients in order to receive emails from Mailgun.

Please note that for free Mailgun account you can only send emails to Authorised Recipients.

Verify the message in your inbox.

4. Install a Contact Form plugin like Small Contact Form by Jan Vince.

Set up a contact form on your page, and test it out, see if [email protected] can receive emails from Mailgun.

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